Welcome to your feed!

As you add new habits, the feed will start filling with interesting things related to your habits. You’ll find suggestions of new things to try, links to interesting articles and much more. We plan to incorporate social features so you can discuss with other people who also have similar habits, as well as being able to suggest new habits that you might find interesting.

Please be patient as this is a new feature that will be improving over time. If you’d like to suggest something to be shared on a specific item, please email habittracker@saltypistachio.com with your suggestion and what item it relates to.

Finally, please note that we sometimes may earn affiliate links when you tap on the links on our apps. We do this to keep the free experience free for all users and the premium at a low cost, while at the same time being able to invest in improving the HabitByBit app! However, rest assured we’ll do our best to keep these links extremely relevant to ensure you enjoy the HabitByBit experience!