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We help your App succeed in the US

The US app market is unique with tech-savvy consumers and a strong focus on technology and local differentiation. With 54.7% market share for Android and 44.8% for iOS, it’s an ideal market for app growth.

SaltyPistachio, with 8 years experience in the US market and international offices, is the perfect partner for growth in the US app market. Our services have expanded from App Store Optimization to include Customer Relationship Management, User Acquisition, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Our team has achieved great results, offering comprehensive support and driving growth for clients. We combine our App Marketing expertise with our deep understanding of these areas to offer a comprehensive solution for success in the US app market.

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We're an agency that gets excited about:

Data Analytics

Our mobile marketing journey begins with a deeply rooted passion for data, which informs all our decission making and actions.


We transform data into meaningful strategies that will keep your app ahead of the competition and leveraging all new opportunities arising from mobile environments


Grounded on data and a meaningful strategy, we'll provide sources and actions for growth tailored to your company's budget and app type.


A passion for
the local market

Having presence in the US, UK, Japanese and Spanish market is important for our App Store Optimization agency as it gives us a direct presence in international app market. 
This allows us to stay current on internatinal trends, build strong relationships, hire global talent and provide personalized support to clients. This helps deliver better results and ensures their apps remain competitive.

Our App Store Optimization agency has a unique advantage with experience in international app market. We understand language and cultural nuances that impact app success and stay current on trends and optimization strategies. Our local knowledge and proven techniques drive organic downloads and growth for clients, delivering unparalleled results in visibility and content localization.

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The Old Pump House, 1a Stonecross
St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 4AA

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